Tungsten Carbide Tile Assembly

MGK Industries is one of the very few companies who develop Tungsten Carbide Tiles Assembly also known as Brazed / Sintered Tungsten Carbide Tile Assembly. One of the most beneficial and significant damage control system adapted against excessively abrasive material creating wear and tear of important parts of the conveyor in any type of Decanter centrifuge, is the installation of Sintered Tungsten Carbide tile assembly on the flights of the conveyor, which facilitate smooth and wear - free functioning.

MGK tungsten carbide tiles are equivalent to and have 100% interchangibility with those tiles fitted by the OEM.

The major advantage of these Sintered Tungsten Carbide tiles is that these tiles are 45 to 50 times more resistant to wear than flame applied hard surfacing material. These tiles have the abiltity to combat the severity of the wear against abrasive material. Tungsten carbide tile assembly has enabled the Decanter Centrifuge to operate trouble free on abrasive material.

These Tungsten Carbide Tile Assemblies are widely used in various industrial sectors where Decanters are installed.