Reconditioned Decanters

MGK Industries has expanded its scope of supply by adding a new category to its already extensive product range. It has ventured into supppling commendable quality reconditioned Decanters Centrifuges. For customers seeking a less expensive alternative to purchasing new, we offer our range of reconditioned and refurbished decanters.

Recontioned Decanters that we supply as per availability :

  • Alfa Laval Type : NX414, NX416, NX418, NX4030, NX4050, Aldec30, Aldec40
  • Pennwalt Type : P1500, P2000, P3000, P3400, PM20000, PM35000, PM36000

We not only repair your whole systems but also repair spare parts that you may have, gearboxes, conveyors and bowls shell etc, We know that break downs tend to be time consuming therefore we stock parts or have reconditioned parts of many major manufacturers for quick turnarounds. Decanter centrifuge being a significant part requires episodic rebuilding to maintain its maximum performance and MGK Industries play a vital role in helping you in this endeavour.