Tungsten Carbide Nozzles For Separator

MGK Industries is amongst the very few companies who produce intriguingly designed tungsten carbide nozzles for all types of Nozzle Separators. Even the slightest of wear to a nozzle orifice can create enormous and costly changes in a spray process. MGK Industries specialty tungsten carbide nozzles can better control those orifice changes. Prime characteristics of MGK specialty tungsten carbide nozzles include long-lasting, reliable, and more efficient performance.

These tungsten carbide nozzles come with hole size range of 0.5mm and above.

MGK specialty tungsten carbide nozzles are equivalent to and have 100% interchangibility with the OME nozzles.

Application :

Nozzle Centrifuges : MGK Industries offer a wide range of custom centrifuge nozzles. Choose from our many grades of tungsten carbide nozzles. We believe in saving time and money by using the right material in the application.